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The Paralympics are on at the moment and I just want to say that I am amazed that all of you have these disabilities but you overcome them in this amazing way by representing Australia in these sports.   Go… Continue Reading →

Origins of the Olympics

The Olympics were organised as a religious festival to honour the leader of the Greek gods, Zeus. Pierre de Couberrtin, a French educator and historian, thought that if the world countries came together to play sports would bring peace among… Continue Reading →

Voting in Australia

I agree that the voting age should be 18 because that is the age that you become an adult. It’s the age where you become independent and are able to say what you want to. Being able to vote will… Continue Reading →

Blogging Guide Lines

1. Please make appropriate comments eg; no rudeness, language 2. Positivity and constructive criticism 3. Useful comments and relevant comments 4. Photos and images (not personal) 5. Blogs will only be updated by students 6. Students will only be identified… Continue Reading →

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